How Important Is Page Speed for SEO – Ultimate Guide!

Mark Segal

Co-Founder and CEO @ Hyro Digital

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When it comes to SEO, there is no doubt that it is vital for businesses and websites that want to get more traffic and visibility from organic search results. You can do better in search engine results pages (SERPs) if your website is well-organised and has the right keywords and content (SERPs). Page speed is another thing that can have a significant effect on your SEO efforts.

Page speed is the amount of time it takes for a website to load and render in a web browser. If pages load slowly, it can lead to higher bounce rates and less user interaction. It is an essential ranking factor that can hurt your overall SEO rankings. That’s why it’s essential for businesses that want to stay competitive and have a solid online presence to know how website speed can affect SEO.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the importance of page speed for SEO and how you can make your website work better. We’ll also show you tools and methods that can help you test, measure, and improve the speed of your web pages. This will help you figure out what works best for your website.

Understanding Page Speed and Its Role in SEO

Page speed is an essential factor in SEO that you shouldn’t ignore. It directly affects how users feel, how search engines rank the site, and how well the site works overall. Let’s get into the depth of it!

Defining Page Speed

Page speed is a way to measure how fast a website page loads in your web browser. Usually, seconds and fractions of a second are used to measure it. The quicker a page loads, the better the user experience will be, and the higher it will rank in SEO.

Google expressed that the speed of a page is one of the things its ranking algorithm looks at. In other words, site speed can affect how your website shows up in SERPs and how quickly users can find what they want.

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Factors That Affect Page Speed

There are many factors that impact when considering page speed. These are:

  • Website content

How long a page takes to load depends a lot on the amount of content. If there are a lot of pictures or videos on a page, it may take many seconds to load than a page with less text and fewer elements.

  • Hosting provider

The page loading time will also depend on your web hosting service. Shared hosting services often have slower loading times, but dedicated hosting plans tend to work better.

  • Code optimisation

For pages to load quickly, you must ensure your code is optimized and free of mistakes. When code isn’t written well, it can take longer for sites to load.

  • Browser compatibility

Your website should be set up to work best with the latest web browsers, since older ones might not work as well. This is especially true for responsive design, where pages should always perform appropriately on different devices and browsers.

Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool

Google PageSpeed Insights is a free tool that helps you determine how fast your website pages load. It also provides ideas for improvisation. It provides a score out of 100. Higher scores mean that pages load faster. The tool also gives you tips on improving your web pages’ performance and making them more accessible for people to use. You can also use it to see how well your website works compared to your competitors’.

The Importance of Page Speed for SEO

When it comes to SEO, page speed has great significance. It directly impacts many crucial aspects of better website performance.

Impact on User Experience

The speed of your website’s pages affects how people see your site and their experience with it. Higher loading times can frustrate users, make them wait longer, and leave the site. This results in fewer sales and conversions.

Impact on Search Engine Rankings

According to Google’s observations, you need to gear up your site speed if you want better rankings and more organic traffic. So, it is critical to consider as rankings play a significant part in your success.Β 

Impact on Case Studies and Statistics

Analysing data about page speed can help you find areas to improve and learn how people use your website. Utilise this information to make case studies, figure out how well your changes worked, and improve your pages.

Best Practices for Improving Page Speed

Enhancing page speed is a must if you want to make sure users have a better experience. It is also necessary for your SEO rankings to go up, and for your website to work better. Here are some of the effective practices:

Minimising HTTP requests

The number of HTTP requests is how often your web browser needs to ask a server for a file. This can slow loading speed, so it should be done less. Getting rid of unnecessary elements and making sure images work well on the web can help.

Optimising images

Images can give your web pages a lot of visual appeal, but they can also slow them down. To ensure images don’t get in the way, they need to be optimised for the web by being resized and compressed correctly.

Minimising code

Optimising your website’s code is a must if you want pages to load faster. This means putting less HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code on your pages and not using plugins or scripts that aren’t needed.

Utilising caching

By keeping a copy of your website on the user’s computer, caching makes it faster for sites to load. This way, when they go back to the site, their browser won’t have to re-download the files from the server to access the ones they’ve already saved.

Additional Benefits of Improving Page Speed

Optimising your website’s page speed has several other benefits besides improving user experience, SEO rankings, and website performance. Here are a few examples:

Better User Engagement

When a page loading time is fast, users stay on it longer and stay engaged. Fast loading pages can lead to more click-throughs and more sales as well.

Increased Conversion Rates

When a website loads faster, users have a better experience overall, which can have a direct effect on conversion rates. Optimising page speed is crucial if you want people to stay on your pages until the end of the buying process.

How Hyro Digital Can Help

Hyro Digital is a Melbourne based digital marketing solutions and one of the best in the business here. We at Hyro Digital understand the importance of page speed for SEO and can help you improve your website’s performance. We offer a broad range of services, such as SEO auditing, keyword research and optimization, content creation and promotion, link building, and more. We also give you detailed reports so you can see how well the implementations are working and make changes as needed. Here’s why you should approach Hyro Digital:

Conducting a Website Audit

We audit your website to find mistakes that are slowing down your pages. Our audit looks at how long it takes for a page to load, how well the HTML and CSS code is written, how well the database works, how the hosting environment is set up, and more. Once we have all the information, we will send you a detailed report with our findings and suggestions.

Providing Recommendations for Improvement

Based on our audit, we will give you a list of suggestions for how to speed up your page. This could be done by lowering the number of HTTP requests, optimising images, writing less code, and using caching. We can also help you put these ideas into action, so your website works better.

Implementing Best Practices for Faster Page Speed

Once the suggestions have been implemented, we’ll ensure your website loads quickly and smoothly. We may also perform a speed test. Our team will keep an eye on page speed to make sure it meets the standards of the industry.

Monitoring and Maintaining Page Speed Over Time

We know that the speed of a page can be affected by things like changes in the hosting environment or new content. Our team will keep an eye on and maintain your site’s page speed over time to ensure it keeps working well.

You can trust Hyro Digital to give you the best SEO services and ensure your website runs at its best. Come meet us today to learn more about how we can help improve your page speed!


Increasing the page speed is one of those necessary things you can do to understand if your website works well and gives visitors a great experience. Even though there are many ways to speed up a page, like reducing HTTP requests and optimising images, it’s essential to work with an experienced company like Hyro Digital. We offer custom solutions based on a thorough audit of your website and ongoing support to ensure your site keeps running at its best. With our help, you can always be sure that your website loads quickly and well.