Monthly Link Package

Move the needle reliably and cost effectively with Monthly Links + Smart Tweaks

A monthly link building strategy that combines foundation and power links that will set you up for serious growth.

Each Package Includes:

1. Website Review

A basic review of your site’s current SEO performance to ensure best practices are being followed

2. Link Profile Review

We will evaluate your link profile and advise you if it needs to be cleaned up.

3. Foundation Links

We will build the foundation link mixed up with citation, social profile and microblog properties.

4. Power Links

To boost your ranking, we will create high Domain Authority blog posts along with guest posts or niche edit links from reputable websites.

What we promise

What's it ideal for

How it Works: Simple, Effective, Predictable.

Month 1

Choose your monthly plan based on the type of links you need. Once your order is confirmed, we get to work on your one-time set up – reviewing your website and updating up to 10 titles and meta descriptions.

From day one we start building links to your homepage. The first batch of links will take roughly 8 weeks to go live.

Month 2 +

From months two onwards, new links are delivered every 4 weeks. Your link building is monitored, guided and optimised for performance by an experienced Hyro SEO.

We will determine which page your links are sent to, starting with your homepage, and moving onto your most important service/product pages.

Monthly Package Details


$1,500 per month

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We ensure your website is following SEO best practices

  • Basic Website Audit
  • Basic Link Profile Audit
  • 10 Local Citation
  • 10 Social Profile Creation
  • 10 Mircroblog Properties with 10 High Quality Content
  • 10 High DA Blogpost with High Quality Article
  • 3 Guest Post/Niche Edit Links
  • All prices are ex. GST


$2,000 per month

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We ensure your website is following SEO best practices

  • Detailed Technical Audit
  • Link Profile and Gap Analysis
  • 15 Local Citation
  • 15 Social Profile Creation
  • 15 Microblog Properties with 15 High Quality Content
  • 15 High DA Blogpost with 15 High Quality Content
  • 5 Guest Post/Niche Edit Links
  • All prices are ex. GST



Need dedicated consulting and implementation across a wider range of services?

Partner with Hyro Agency for fully-managed, custom campaigns with our entire suite of services to fit your needs.

  • Get end-to-end strategy, consulting, and implementation
  • On-tap communication with call, chat, and email support
  • Tailored campaigns with SEO services to hit your goals
  • Reseller and agency-friendly – Embed us in your teams to scale and expand your services overnight

Don’t just take our word for it.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Setup: Completed within 4 weeks from package start date
First batch of links: Delivered within 8 weeks from package start date
Consecutive links: Delivered every 4 weeks after first batch

We guarantee successful link placement. If for some reason your links don’t go live, we’ll replace them with equal or better opportunities at no added cost to you.

We hoped you would ask! Take a look at samples of our Guest Post content here, and our Authority content here.