Bad Backlink Removal

Remove the Backlinks that are holding you back from moving forward

Poor links are causing your website's search rankings to deteriorate.

Allow our search pros to do a thorough audit of your backlink profile and remove any red flags that are holding you back from moving forward.

Our expert team of link auditors and cleanup personnel will assist you whether you are seeking to reverse a Google penalty or simply want a routine evaluation to verify your backlink profile is clean.

1. Deep Backlink Analysisโ€‹

We offer a full range of analysis and removal services to help you improve your website’s rankings and avoid or reverse penalties. Building and cleaning up links is not a fun task, but it is essential for a solid SEO strategy. We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the downright ugly when reviewing backlinks for customers, and we’d be happy to undertake all of the work for you or your clients. When we audit your backlinks, we go deep into your website’s whole known profile to find detrimental and questionable relationships. We utilize a combination of automated technology and extensive human inspections to guarantee that no stone is left unturned.

If your website is being attacked by a negative SEO campaign, if you hired an SEO agency to increase your rankings but they built unnatural links, or if you believe you have some low-quality links in your profile that are hurting your SEO, we can help you find and delete them.

2. Google Penalty Removal & Prevention

Poor links have gone from having no value to being a big impact in your rankings since Google’s Penguin upgrade went live. Negative SEO attacks, black hat link building, and other factors in your website’s background may have all contributed to a significant reduction in rankings.

If your website was injured or even penalized as a result of Google’s algorithm changes, our audit will discover and eliminate the obvious, harsh manual penalty. If you haven’t already been hit, we’ll go through your whole link profile for potential dangers that might result in algorithmic penalties, causing your rankings to stagnate.

Once we have conducted a study of your backlink profile, we can provide cleanup services to remove all of the problematic links. Our staff will personally contact webmasters to request that links be removed, keep a record of all outreach conversations, and, if necessary, create a disavow file that includes any remaining poisonous links and submit it to Google to indicate that you no longer want these to be counted against your site. If you received a manual penalty, we will also create a re-inclusion request for Google’s spam team in order for the penalty to be erased for your site’s traffic and rankings to return.

Frequently Asked Questions.

When it comes to website optimization, having a good combination of quality and quantity of backlinks is a smart strategy, and we make sure you have both. If your website’s traffic and search rankings suddenly decline, or if you just can’t catch up to your rivals’ rankings no matter how much time and money you put into SEO, a link audit should be one of the first things you do. It’s conceivable that search engines penalized or hurt your website as a result of inadequate backlinks.

We use a variety of technologies to locate and gather all links referring to your website for analysis. Following that, we assess each link and referring domain using a combination of automatic and human processes and assign them a quality score. We report connections that appear to be fake or of poor quality for removal. We then provide you with our report, in which we explain what we discovered and which links must be removed.

Following a review of all of your website’s backlinks, we initiate a manual outreach campaign to urge that the owner of the issue website remove all links leading to your site. We keep note of who we contacted, when we contacted them, any follow-ups we received, and any responses we received. These are preserved in case a webmaster refuses to comply with the removal and requires the creation of a link disavow file. If necessary, the disavow file is sent to Google, informing them that these backlinks were not endorsed by you and that you do not want them to transfer any SEO value to you. The spam team at Google evaluates the information and has the authority to remove the problematic links from your website and rankings.