Local Citation Audit Service

The quick, accurate, and simple way to get Local SEO done.

What’s the deal with Citations?

What are Citations?

A citation is when your business name, address, and phone number (a.k.a. NAP) appear together anywhere on the internet. They’re basically the digital version of a phonebook listing. But with much more versatility. Citations live in citation sources or business directories.

Why do they matter?

Citations make you visible to people searching for your products and services. Search engines also use them when deciding how to rank you. The more quality citations you have, the more SEO growth you’ll see.

What happens when my citations are inaccurate or non-existent?

Your overall SEO gets stunted, your rankings drop, and your customers don’t know how to find or contact you. Maintaining quality, consistent citations across every directory is the key to continued local SEO growth.

Don’t worry! Our Citation Package takes care of it all:

1. Citation Audit

Get your Local SEO off to a good start with a full assessment of all your inaccurate and wrong citations across the web.

2. New Citations

Increase the visibility of your Google My Business listing. regardless of how many sites you have or where they are.

3. Citation Cleanup

Incorrect listing information might lose your rankings and consumers. While we’re at it, we’ll detect and repair inconsistencies in citations, eliminate duplication, and improve listings.